Silhouette Photos in Roatán

Freedom Silhouette Photos - Photograph copyright Vanessa N. Arita

What lighting conditions could be better than magic hour for silhouette photos?

I was fortunate to have the perfect models, set in the perfect scene, for this impromptu photo shoot. These were a ton of fun to shoot, and it only made it better that I took them while I was on vacation in Roatán, Honduras with a few friends.

You might be surprised to find out that I don’t often bring my camera along in my travels. I’m glad I did this time, because this shoot was really worth it.

Freedom Silhouette Photos - Photograph copyright Vanessa N. Arita

Truly relaxing on vacation makes you feel like you have the world at your fingertips.

This Collection of Silhouette Photos is Called “Freedom”

The ovearching theme of this trip to Roatán was feeling free from stress and worries, so the name is quite fitting.

Freedom Silhouette Photos - Photograph copyright Vanessa N. Arita

I think my models had just as much fun as I did shooting these.

It was a short weekend trip on a shoestring budget, which I began with a few hours on a bus from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula on Friday morning.

In San Pedro Sula, I met with my good friend Elena, where we took another bus to La Ceiba. Finally, we took the ferry to Roatán, which docked around sunset (close to 6pm).

We stayed on the island for only a couple of nights, but we sure took advantage of the short time we were there. Saturday, we spent all day relaxing on a beautiful resort beach, having paid just US$ 5 each for beach and restroom access.

If you’re thinking of heading to the beach sometime soon, consider one of the Bay Islands. They truly are beautiful.

Next on my list is Utila. And yes, I do plan to take my camera with me.

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