Mangiare’s Aloha Pizza

Mangiare's Aloha Pizza - Photograph by Vanessa N. Arita

Mangiare was a pizza parlor located across the street from the famous Swiss bakery in Tegucigalpa. They specialized in gourmet pizzas and had a monthly pie on special.

February’s monthly was called the Aloha Pizza.

Mangiare became one of my regular clients for photo shoots. Their shop had the most beautiful windows, which let a lot of natural light into the dining area. Typically, I would shoot one or two products for the owners in one afternoon. In February 2011, we worked with three pizzas: Aloha, Pinna, and a heart-shaped classic pepperoni.

Aloha was the perfect combination of savory and sweet. Pairing Aloha with Valentine’s made perfect sense to me, because when I tasted this Hawaiian-pizza-inspired pie, I was in love.

Valentine’s Day at Mangiare

The pizzeria offered a heart-shaped classic pepperoni for Valentine’s Day on February 11 through 14.

Pinna was a new dessert pizza the chef had created especially for Valentine’s Day. They offered a heart-shaped version for couples, but you could order a round Pizza Pinna to share with your friends.

As you can probably tell, I had a lot of fun with using close-ups and tight crops on this shoot. I wanted to highlight the beautiful combination of traditional and unconventional ingredients.

I miss Mangiare! Writing this commentary makes me hungry. In case you’re hungry, too, here’s a pizza dough recipe from one of my favorite star chefs, Alton Brown.

Mangiare's Pizza Pinna - Photograph by Vanessa N. Arita

Mangiare’s Pizza Pinna, a delicious combination of chocolate, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream.

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