Donate Your Hair Yet?

Donate Your Hair Yet? - Photograph by Vanessa N. Arita

Have you had the opportunity to donate your hair to a good cause yet? I know a few people who have, and I can probably guess it is among their top 10 Feel Good moments.

In March 2011, I attended a rally called “Mi Pelo Por Tu Sonrisa” (My Hair for Your Smile), where I had the opportunity to take a few photos.

A group of young women members of the Honduras chapter of Relay for Life organized the rally. It was a beautiful event on a wonderful Saturday morning and afternoon. There was a baked goods sale, snacks and refreshments sale, and t-shirts and other items for sale. The organizers also brought in a group of clowns to keep the kids entertained.

I saw a few people I know at the event. Though they might have felt nervous at the prospect of changing their look so drastically, they definitely smiled when posing for me.

Hairdressers at this event donated their time, so anyone donating a braid got a free haircut out of the deal. Most donors were women, but I did see a couple of men donating as well! Seeing so many braids set on the event table was really something special.

You Don’t Have to Wait for an Event to Donate Your Hair

Events like the one I attended (as a photographer only) in 2011, happen all the time. I think they are especially popular on different college campuses. However, you don’t have to wait for an event to donate your hair. Most hairdressers will help you measure your hair and comply with the requirements for sending in your hair directly to one of the organizations who takes human hair donations, like Pantene and Locks of Love.

Last year during the summer, I decided to chop off 10 inches and send the braid in to Locks of Love. Felt good, and to sweeten the deal, I got plenty of compliments for the new look.

Sending my hair off tomorrow! 😀

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