Hawaiian Shirts and Mojitos Will Not Free Cuba

Photograph of a mojito in Cuba from dreamstime.com

Following renewed diplomatic relations with the United States this summer, we have seen Cuba reappear in news headlines across the globe. This was especially true after Pope Francis visited the island in September.

Cuban journalist Ninoska Pérez, however, believes these recent developments should not transform our image of Cuba. The island has been ruled by a dictatorship for 56 years, and that certainly hasn’t changed, she says.

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Leopoldo López Isn’t the Only Political Prisoner in Venezuela

Patricia Andrade is a naturalized US citizen fighting for the freedom of Venezuelan political prisoners. As the director of the Venezuela Awareness Foundation, she is using her background as a trial attorney, coupled with the opportunities her new home affords her, to make her vision a reality.

One month after Judge Susana Barreiros sentenced Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López to nearly 14 years in prison, the activist invites journalists in the region and PanAm Post readers to remember his plight, and remain focused on Venezuela. Continue reading

Honduras to Spearhead Strategic Planning in Latin America

Honduras may be well positioned to become a forerunner on strategic planning and management in Latin America. On Wednesday, August 19, the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP) launched their first international chapter to a worldwide audience with a conference in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

The event was held at the Central American Technological University (UNITEC), and began with a welcome message from the chair of the ASP International Committee, Ahmed Samy, who congratulated the Honduran chapter and described the process that led to its establishment. Continue reading